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Comfy Partition Recovery

Comfy Partition Recovery 2.2 + keygen یک نرم افزار جدید در زمینه بازیابی اطلاعات و فایل های حذف شده از هارد دیسک, مموری کارت, حافظه گوشی, فلش مموری, هارد اکسترنال و … است. کاری که از طریق ویندوز اکسپلورر میسر نیست. ویندوز قابلیت بازگرانی فایل های حذف شده را ندارد. این نرم افزار امکانات پیشرفته ای در زمینه بازیابی اطلاعات دارد. که مجال ذکر همه ی آنها در اینجا نیست. و حتی به شما کمک می کند تا از حافظه های آسیب دیده مثلا فلش خراب شده نیز عمل بازیابی فایل را انجام داد.

With this program you can easily restore data from your hard drive, you can also work with memory cards, flash drives, other storage devices. Please note that the program still sees the Windows disk through Explorer or not, you can download Comfy Partition Recovery from our project. The tool is able to help restore logical partitions, even those that were deleted and created later, can work with damaged and formatted partitions.
The plus of Comfy Partition Recovery can be called the ability to recover any type of file, be it a text document, multimedia data, an archive or an executable file. The product will allow you to recover all information from a corrupted, deleted partition, while maintaining the entire folder structure. The interface is standard enough for the development of this author, Russian support is present, it is not difficult to work as a whole, we just need to choose the drive letter and follow the instructions, I think you will succeed.

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